SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an encrypted piece of data that once installed allows secure connections from the web to the server. Typically these encryption pages are found on login areas, credit card payment portals or other areas where extra security is needed but more recently SSL has become a web standard with major browser Chrome removing support for non-SSL websites in an upcoming update for Google Chrome. SSL presence now also impacts search engine ranking.

For a business to take advantage of SSL certificate features one must be installed on the server to properly communicate with browsers. Once installed users can browse with https. All content a user submits will be encrypted and signed to ensure only the domain the certificate was created for will successfully encrypted.

Does TechGorilla provide SSL?

SSL encryption is included for free with every hosting package we offer. Installation of SSL will be provided along with all other setup requirements needed to create a digital presence and active domain name.

Are SSL Certificates free?

The majority of the time SSL encryption costs a per-year basis. Prices vary from 50$ to 600$ depending on the provider.