Stock Order Assistant

What is Stock Order Assistant

Stock Order Assistant is (Chrome) Browser extension that provides a live feed of your point of sales current stock levels and information. Thus allowing you to keep an eye out on stock on hand count, avoid over-ordering and keep staff informed on which hold what stock count and information


While the system itself is flexible in being modified to suit your businesses needs the first and most obvious example is the already built system for LOTS Point of Sale software by Corum Health

LOTS --> TechGorilla Local Server --> TechGorilla Browser Extension

Firstly a constantly running server is setup on a ‘master’ computer, being the computer most often running at a business in most cases. This server feeds the local database information like stock levels, barcode to product conversion, etc to the Local Network (LAN). Meaning it cannot be accessed from outside the private internet of the business unless requested.

The extension can now get information from a stock ordering website, API for example, on a search by a staff member. For instance a staff member could search ‘Panadol’ and all relevant page results would be scraped from the page and fed into the server which in turn gives specific information of each item if it is stock held on the system.

How does my business obtain this software?

Depending on your business Point of Sale system (LOTS for example) and how you make orders will depend on if a custom piece of software is the right fit and available to be created. You can fill out a contact form or call us via the number listed on this website to learn more.
If You have purchased and installed the server you can find the download link below

My business already uses LOTS and API ordering how do I implement this system?

First you will need to install the ‘server’ on your business master computer; that being the computer that is always running doing backups etc to ensure the TechGorilla server is also consistently running. After that you need to install the TechGorilla Stock Order Assistant from the chrome store onto all the chrome browsers on the staff computers.

This can be done by technical staff via TeamViewer or a walk in visit if you are within a reasonable area of one. A further installation fee is required in these instances.

Finally, this software requires a valid TechGorilla license, which you can purchase via our billing system at Billing.TechGorilla